Star Trek: Waypoint

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Star Trek: Waypoint #2 (IDW)

Waypoint is an anthology series that offers every fan a stopping point on the wonderful 50-year Star Trek journey, reflecting on stories of what’s come before and looking ahead to the next half-century of Trek. My story, “Legacy,” drawn by Rachael Stott, expands on the backstory of Yeoman Leslie Thompson, the first and only female redshirt to die in the Original Series!


“[T]he final story, “Legacy” […] truly makes this second issue soar. Maggs, Stott, and Roberts deliver an emotional and surprisingly funny tale of the only woman to die under Kirk’s watch, but more than that the team explores an unsung hero of the original series and her immense joy at her life and career.” — David Pepose, Newsarama

“Here our Yeoman is given a worthy send off, as her quiet deeds upon the ship she travelled on are brought into the light, showing that this crumbled ball of dust was a (very subtle) key player upon the Enterprise.” — Jorge Arenas, Flickering Myth

“It’s a clever bit of writing, especially with how it opens and closes. The message is loud and clear: Those who do the most work aren’t always given credit, but at the end of the day they may inspire more like them to rise up. There’s a strong message delivered about woman empowerment and I dug the hell out of that.” — David Brooke, AIPT

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